2017 Young Bird Schedule

We are flying with Louisville for the entire season in 2017. We will have an 8 race season. Shipping is on Friday nights for Saturday liberations.

Aug. 26, Franklin, Ky, 100 miles*

Sept. 2, Goodlettsville, Tn, 150 miles*

Sept. 9, Columbia, Tn, 200 miles*

Sept 16, Decatur, Al, 270 miles (Auction Race)*

Sept. 23, Franklin, Ky, 100 miles**

Sept. 30, Goodlettsville, Tn, 150 miles**

Oct. 7, Columbia, Tn, 200 miles**

Oct. 14, Arkadelphia, 300 miles**


*NKY and LKY liberated together

** NKY and LKY liberated separately.

2017 Old Bird Schedule and notes

**note** the schedule below has been adjusted due to weather. Please refer to the club communications for an accurate schedule.

After our Feb. 18 meeting, members voted on the following schedule for the 2017 Old Bird season.

We will hire the Louisville Club to haul our birds. Shipping is Friday night for Saturday races with exceptions on the 400 and 500.

4/22/2017       140   GOODLETTSVILLE
4/29/2017       140   GOODLETTSVILLE
5/6/2017         200   COLUMBIA
5/13/2017       200   COLUMBIA
5/20/2017       250   DECATUR
5/27/2017       300   ARKADELPHIA
6/3/2017         400   MONTGOMERY
6/4/2017         500   OZARK


Other notes:

  • The distances above are from the release station to Louisville and will be longer for Lex/NKY.
  • For this season only, the club voted to pay members $25 to take our birds to Louisville on shipping nights. Volunteers so far are David Stephenson, Gary Potts and Tony Horn. We are looking for more volunteers.
  • Shipping limit this season is 25 birds.
  • Cost for the season will be in the $50-$60 range PER FLYER depending on how many commit.
  • Our next meeting will be on March 25 at 5 p.m. We will collect race fees at this meeting so please be prepared to commit to flying the 2017 old bird season on this date and bring your fee money with you. Of course, if more people unexpectedly drop from flying, the costs will go up.
  • Young bird auctions will be held on shipping nights of April 29 and May 6. If you bring birds to the auction, you are responsible for the opening bid of $20.

2016 Young Bird Schedule

As discussed and voted on during our July 13 meeting:

Sept. 3, 100 miles, Starkey ($100)

Sept. 10, 150 miles, Stephenson ($125)

Sept. 17, 200 miles, Dunaway ($175)

Sept. 24, bye/rain makeup week

Oct. 2 (Sunday!!), 300 mile Auction race, Horn drives ($350)

Oct. 8, 100 miles, Starkey ($100)

Oct. 15, 150 miles, Dunaway ($125)

Oct. 22, 200 miles, Potts ($175)

Our season will cost $1150. The five members racing will pay fees of $230 each before the first race.


Other notes from our meeting:

We voted to name our 500 mile races after long-time member Bob Zerkle. The race will be called the Bob Zerkle “it’s not a memorial” 500. (OK, not really, it’s called the Bob Zerkle 500).

Bob also suggested a good weather app called “My Radar”.

We voted to take our leftover $50 from the old bird season to buy a trophy for the 2016 Auction Race winner.

We discussed (via email) the option of changing our shipping limits to 20/25. It has not yet been decided.

2016 Old Bird Schedule

We have made significant adjustments to our Old Bird schedule as previously discussed at our Winter Meeting. Our current working schedule is:

May 7 (Saturday race) 150 miles from Crossville. Fred drives

May 15 (Sunday race) 200 miles from Chattanooga. David drives

May 22 – Off

May 29 (Sunday race) 300 miles from Decatur. Gary drives to Highview (cancelled)

June 8 – 150 miles from Crossville. Gary drives

June 18 (Saturday race, Thursday shipping) 500 miles Atmore. Gary drives to Highview