Kentucky Combine’s historic first meeting

On December 9, 2017, at a crowded Frisch’s Big Boy in Frankfort, 15 members of 3 Kentucky racing pigeon clubs gathered to elect officers and move toward filing the paperwork with the AU to formally form Kentucky’s first combine.

Members of the Covington, Lexington and Louisville Racing Pigeon Clubs will soon race in the Kentucky Combine with about 25 total members.

Below are the newly elected officers:

President: Brian Lord (LKY)

Vice President: Devere Burt (COV)

Race Secretary: Mike Glaab (COV)

Treasurer: David Wolf (LOU)

Secretary: David Stephenson (LKY)

Our next steps will be to form a race committee and a constitution/by-laws committee.

Our next meeting will be the third weekend in January, location TBD.

Some of the newly elected officers of the Kentucky Combine are (l-r) David Stephenson (LKY), recording secretary, David Wolf (LOU), treasurer, Brian Lord (LKY), president, and Devere Burt (COV), Vice President.

About 15 members of the Louisville, Lexington and Covington racing pigeon clubs take their first vote to elect officers of the Kentucky Combine on December 9, 2017.

2017 Young Bird Results

082617 Franklin 150

090317 Goodlettsville 175

090917 Columbia 200

091617 Decatur 275

092317 Franklin2 150 A

092317 Franklin2 150 B

093017 Goodlettesville2 175 A

093017 Goodlettesville2 175 B

100717 Columbia2 200 A

100717 Columbia2 200 B

101417 Arkadelphia 300 A

101417 Arkadelphia 300 B

2017 Young Bird Champion Loft unofficial*

2017 Young Bird Champion Bird unofficial*

2017 Young Bird Avg Speed A Release unofficial*

*subject to change after NKY and LKY results are split. Maybe. Maybe not.

2017 Young Bird Schedule

We are flying with Louisville for the entire season in 2017. We will have an 8 race season. Shipping is on Friday nights for Saturday liberations.

Aug. 26, Franklin, Ky, 100 miles*

Sept. 2, Goodlettsville, Tn, 150 miles*

Sept. 9, Columbia, Tn, 200 miles*

Sept 16, Decatur, Al, 270 miles (Auction Race)*

Sept. 23, Franklin, Ky, 100 miles**

Sept. 30, Goodlettsville, Tn, 150 miles**

Oct. 7, Columbia, Tn, 200 miles**

Oct. 14, Arkadelphia, 300 miles**


*NKY and LKY liberated together

** NKY and LKY liberated separately.

2017 Summer Meeting on July 1

We will have our summer meeting on July 1 at noon, location TBD.

Agenda items include ordering Unikon bands, young bird race schedule, young bird liberator and more.