2016 Old Bird Schedule

We have made significant adjustments to our Old Bird schedule as previously discussed at our Winter Meeting. Our current working schedule is:

May 7 (Saturday race) 150 miles from Crossville. Fred drives

May 15 (Sunday race) 200 miles from Chattanooga. David drives

May 22 – Off

May 29 (Sunday race) 300 miles from Decatur. Gary drives to Highview (cancelled)

June 8 – 150 miles from Crossville. Gary drives

June 18 (Saturday race, Thursday shipping) 500 miles Atmore. Gary drives to Highview



  1. Gerry van der meer says:

    I would like to speak with someone involved with the organization to see if you ever have the pigeons released as part of an event.
    Could someone Email me at some point in the following days.
    Thanks so much