2016 Winter Meeting notes

At our Jan 6, 2016 winter meeting, we handed out bands, ordered new bands for 2017 and discussed our Old Bird Schedule and proposed some new ideas for young birds.

We also discussed each of our members working through the process of having our lofts certified by the AU to show that we are proactive in our efforts to achieve high measures of bio-security in our lofts and protect from any outside influences.

TENTATIVE Old Bird Schedule is below:

May 01, 100 miles, Kip drives
May 07, 150 miles, Fred drives
May 15, 200 miles, Tony drives (maybe David if necessary)
May 22, 250 miles, Gary drives to the Highview club, ship Sat. for Sun. race
May 29, 300 miles, Gary drives to the Highview club, ship Sat. for Sun. race
June 04, 150 miles, David drives (maybe Tony is we switch)
June 11, 500 miles, Gary drives to the Highview club, ship Thurs. for Sat. race
June 25, 400 miles, Gary drives to the Highview club, ship Thurs. for Sat. race

We voted and agreed to pay Gary $25 each time he drives to Highview this old bird season since he was going to take four of them. This is a temporary agreement and will need to be voted on in future seasons if we wish to continue it. In the past, members paid their own fuel to Louisville.

We do not yet know how many members will be flying old birds, but it appears that the fees will be around $200 each. This is payable to Fred before the first race. Members will not be eligible to fly any races until that fee has been paid in full.

Notes on young bird season and auction race:

We want to avoid racing so late into the year, so we agreed to start racing earlier, perhaps mid-August. We will have at least a 7-race season and perhaps an 8th race if enough members wish to.

The season would look like this: 100, 150, 200, 300 (Auction Race), 100, 150, 200, ???

We agreed that moving the 300-mile race to mid season may help with returns.

Proposed Auction race rules:

Auctions will be held on April 2, April 16 and April 30 (our first shipping night). Please be cognizant of the age of your birds for the 300 mile auction race which should fall on Sept. 10. If your bird is 30 days old on the April 30 auction, it will be about 5 months old for the 300 mile race. If you want your birds to be older than that for the auction race, you will need to have them ready for an earlier auction.

  • Minimum bid for an auction bird is $20.
  • 50/50 split with handler/breeder (If you buy your own bird you get 100%)
  • Payout will be for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places (50%, 30%, 20%)
  • Out of area friends can send birds by invitation. They will have to pay their own shipping costs.


  1. Leroy Tate says:

    I have been raising mostly white homing pigeons for about 3 years, I get my feed from Woodford feed store and they told me about a pigeon club in Lexington. I would like to know your location and when do you meet. I Live in Wilmore Ky. and work in Lexington.